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A part of my project needs the FPGA spartan3 ( XC3S100) to be
interfaced with the USB via FIFO. I made the FIFO using logic core's
FIFO generator v 2.3. I am intending to make a asynchronous FIFO. The
FIFO has full, almost full, read , write signals. Would XEM3010 be the
right choice for it? Please advice!


Re: XEM3010

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What is XEM3010?
Why do you need a FIFO, and why does it need to be asynchronous?

Re: XEM3010
OpalKelly XEMs are a very simple interface to USB2.0. The FrontPanel
software and cores include pipeline transfer triggered by PC for
connection to spartan3 FIFOs.
If you don't need aditional SDRAM or nonvolatile PROM to store FPGA
program, then XEM3001 is enough.



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