XBERT module.

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I am a FPGA beginner. So, I worry that my question might be stupid.

Can I put a XBERT module on FPGA platform?

Does anyone have a pseuo-random bit generator code?


Re: XBERT module.

The XBERT(tm) module already contains the psuedo random bit generator.

If you download our IP, it is all conteined in there, and you do not
need to create the bit generator, received bit checker, error rate
calculator, etc.

If you wish to create your own BERT (bit error rate test) hardware,
that will be quite challenging, and take you a while to get it all
correct, and working right.

Since we offer this to you as a completed module, the only reason to
re-invent a wheel, is because you are a student, and this is an

If you are a student, and this is an exercise, then you are cheating by
reverse engineering the XBERT(tm) module.


snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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Re: XBERT module.

Thanks for your reply. I am Jaemin.
Actually, I am not a student and don't want to develop it for an
exercise. :) Today, I tried to contact a Xilinx, but I donot have a
reponse yet. I would like to communicate with you for this thing by


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