What CPU for Quartus II?

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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has benchmarked contemporary high-end desktop
processors -- Athlon, Opteron and P4/Xeon basically -- for which is
better to do Quartus II synthesis?


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Re: What CPU for Quartus II?
Hi Peter,

I haven't formally benchmarked it, but for my Nios compiles with take about
80% of the memory and 50% of the LE's of the big Cyclone (so about 10k) the
P4's seem to do well.

What takes 25+ minutes on my 1GHz PIII takes less than 5 on my 3.2GHz P4 or
even a 2.4GHz.

One thing that seems true no matter the processor is the memory.  QII needs
lots of fast memory.  I only have 500MB in these machines and it could
clearly use more.


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