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I thought I would let you know that I have now got Linux booting and
running a sash shell on the serial console.

I use the Microblaze serial driver, a little of the Mind patches
(however I had to rewrite the interrupt controller driver because of the
swapped registers and fix other bits) and stuff I have written myself.
This runs on stock 2.4.21, not the Montavista kernel.

There are a few issues like busybox having problems because of a bug in
the page table code which causes problems for shared binaries.
I had to implement a fix for the Xilinx TLB errata and a few other bits
and I think this has introduced a subtle bug somewhere.

More info when the port is complete at which point I will post a link.


Re: Virtex II Pro Linux
hi,Jon <BR>
I am working on ML300. Now i have generated the configuration file(top.bit) and
tested some app in BRAM. I have maken the linux image from MontaVista 2.4.18.I
don't know how to download the OS image into sdram and debug the OS.  <BR>
Can it be downloaded to sdram with the Parallel Cable IV through JTAG interface?
I hear someone says the OS will be combined with .bit into .ace file. Counld you
give me some hints?

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