Video stream over bluetooth

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Dear all,

    I need to transfer a live video stream from FPGA to let say a
PC(Linux) ,

may you tell the design complexity or how to approach this problem,

I have searched a lot and not finding proper way to do this,

 so Please guide in in following points,

1) I am using video starter kit, ML402, Do anybody provide way to
capture frames  on DDR memory. Then i will process my frames DDR

2) after my frames on DDR memory , I want to compress (encode) them
with MPEG (or you suggest)  -- is there any IP available to do this.
it means i will be getting a compressed mpeg 4 files at this stage,

3) I want to  use xaap915 "streaming an MP3 files using RTP"  to
streaming a this video file, so,my at thsi stage my live video will be
seen at PC connected to cross cable,

4)  As i want to streaming over bluetooth and streaming over IP is
possible in bluetooth stack, streaming over IP over bluetooth can use
LAP profile, so at this stage i want to have a bluetooth stack on
ML402 board. I have bleutooth kit which has layer upto HCI, so I need
to have a upper layer stack for bluetooth on mircoblaze, now I found
lwBT , light weight bluetooth stack. lwBT was created to transport IP
data from lwIP over Bluetooth. EDK support lwIP only. SO at this stage
I need to port lwBT library on microblaze architecture. How i can do

5) at this stage i will be getting RTP packet via bluetooth but how to
receive on another Linux PC. if it was direct internet connection then
it is just writing a url in browser or player. but here IP data is
transferred over bluetoth. Do i need to write any code with blueZ
library or just commands will take care of everything.

This is my final project , I want to work hard , rather then making
some work around to problem, I do not have proper guidance, hope i
will get here,.

May be my whole steps and approaches are wrong,

Best Regards

Narendra Sisodiya

Re: Video stream over bluetooth
Please help me

Re: Video stream over bluetooth

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Choose a simpler project or drop the class.

   -- Mike Treseler

Re: Video stream over bluetooth
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Thanks Mike for your concern, But now I am too late, today is my
presentation for masters. (got a good lesson)

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