Using VHDL packages

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Hey there,
I have asked this question in another forum as well but that forum ha
gone into the 2nd page and I am not sure how many people would bother goin
to the next page.

Anyways, I am trying to implement IIR filter in VHDL. And for tha
purpose, I need to use Fixed point arithematic.

Now, I came accross the VHDL Fixed point packages available at:

But I am not sure how to use them? I mean how to compile them? where t
copy these downloaded files and then how to compile them? using modelsim
but do I need to start a new ISE project and add all these files, if yes
where to create the project folder?

So, basically my question (atm) is that how to use these VHDL packages (
kind of a general question)?

I gave a little bit of description about what I am doing coz i thought ju
in case.......??

Any comments/suggestions at all are welcome,
Thanks very much,

Re: Using VHDL packages
On 7D4%C213C8%D5, C9%CFCE%E77CA%B125B7%D6, "kami" <kamran.wad...@yaho=> wrote:
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if you use modelsim, just vcom the pkg file first then your other
design files I think is just fine.

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