undefined reference to `xilkernel_main'

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I am usig xilkernel on microblaze spartan 3 board. I am getting an unusua
error that is

undefined reference to `xilkernel_main'

when i write the code below

int main (void) {
   print("-- Entering main() --\r\n");
   print("-- Exiting main() --\r\n");
   return 0;

Any idea what is wrong. I did configure input and output port (as RS232)
i am using timer1 as the sytem timer for xilkernel. I have staticall
linked only two task using "software Platform Setting" i
'static_pthread_table' entry. There is no resource on this subject o
xilinx website. Please help.


Re: undefined reference to `xilkernel_main'
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Hello David,

I just ran into the same error the other day, and the reason I got the
error was that the parameter MYAPP_LFLAGS in the file myapp_compiler.opt
(in the __xps directory) wasn't set properly. It should be set to
-lxilkernel in order to include the kernel when linking the code. (The
same parameter should be set in the same way in the system_incl.make file)

Btw, I have had problems working with the Xilkernel in the XPS GUI. Not
until I edited the make- and opt- and mss-files manually and compiled
the applications in cygwin I was able to build the project properly.
Hopefully this is fixed in EDK 8.1...

Johan BernspŚng, snipped-for-privacy@xfoix.se
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