UARTlite problem..!!!

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  I am receiving some data from the uart.I take it and keep it in
memory using a pointer.I use the following condition in my code:
while (!XUartLite_mIsReceiveEmpty(XPAR_RS232_UART_BASEADDR))

then i have to do some processing on the data stored in the memory.I
intend to do that after i receive the complete frame of data from uart.
  Now what happens is that the uart takes the first byte puts it in the
memory and comes out of the interrupt handler.then goes back again and
receives the rest of the data.I am not able to figure out y is it
coming out of the handler after taking jsut one byte.shouldnt it take
all the bytes from uart,store it in the ram?
please give some suggestions if you guys can think about any thing that
i am missing.

Re: UARTlite problem..!!!

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It looks like the code should work, but you need to be sure that
the interrupt only comes when there is a complete "frame".  If the
interrupt happens whenever the uart isn't empty, you'll get exactly
the behavior you describe.

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