system ace - ERROR: IMPACT:477 - what is this?

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impact:477 the bsdl for device 'UNKNOWN' is out of date

does anyone have any idea? I have this error when working with system
i'm trying to make my Virtex4 XtremeDSP kit to be self-programmabel
using system ace. I built the system ace circuit and encountered this
error. What i did was i hooked up the jtag cable to my board's 'test
jtag' port, and i hooked up my 'config jtag' port to the xtremeDSP kit.
I tried to initialize chain using impact and i got this error.

I tried using the system ace board with my spartan3 board and it
detects all the devices with no problem, including the system ace chip.
But when i tried to use it on the XtremeDSP kit, it keeps giving me
error and the boundary scan in impact shows random results. sometimes
it shows alot of devices detected in the chain, but they are unkown,
sometimes it shows that it only detects 2 or 3 of the devices in the
chain, and this happens very randomly.

can anyone suggest anything here?



Re: system ace - ERROR: IMPACT:477 - what is this?
I dont know the true cause of it, but in the past when i've had that
error, i've removed the jtag programmer, closed impact and restarted
the computer, and it usually works first time when i've tried again.

Sorry if thats not helpful!

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