SRAM bidirectional bus

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I have a question concerning the VHDL description of a bidirectional bus.

This bus comes from (goes to) an SRAM which I try to simulate with
a corresponding VHDL model.

Now I have an INOUT pin at my SRAM-Controller :  Sram_data : inout(7 downto 0);

Within my SRAM-Controller I have the local signals
l_sram_data_out : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);
l_sram_data_in  : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);

l_sram_data_out describes the data which I want to write into the SRAM.
l_sram_data_out is a registered signal.

l_sram_data_in describes the data I want to read from the SRAM.

The signal which is responsible for writing to the SRAM or reading out of
the SRAM is WE_bar.
WE_bar='0' & CS_bar='0' & OE_bar='1'  ---> Write to the SRAM
WE_bar='1' & CS_bar='0' & OE_bar='0'  ---> Read from the SRAM

How can I connect l_sram_data_out and l_sram_data_in
in a appropriate way to the bidirectional bus?

Does l_sram_data_in has to be synchronized? (It is used within the controller
in a synchronous environment)

I would appreciate any helpful hint.

Kind regards
André V.

Re: SRAM bidirectional bus
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My goal was to make Xilinx ISE use all the FF in the io-blocks ...
one ff for data_in, for the tristate-buffer and for data_out

the following has to be placed in the toplevel and was the
only way to make ISE do what I wanted ...

(Options: keep_hierarchy=true, use io-buffers=all/auto... can't

if clk'event and clk = 1 then
    l_sram_data_in <= Sram_data;

    if OE_bar = '1' then
        Sram_data <= l_sram_data_out;
        Sram_data <= (OTHERS => 'Z');
    end if;
end if;

yes ... this produces latency ... but its synchronous


Re: SRAM bidirectional bus
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That works?  The synthesis tool doesn't choke on the (others => 'Z')?

The usual way to do it is (sorry for Verilog here, also assume active
HIGH output enable):

    assign Sram_data = OE ? l_sram_data_out : 'hz;


Re: SRAM bidirectional bus
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well - yes ...
there are a few things I should have mentioned:
- Im using Xilinx fpgas with ISE and XST.
- The signals are all std_logic_vector and Sram_data
should be std_logic_vector with INOUT
- (others => 'Z') is only a vhdl shortcut for "ZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

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this looks similar to
Sram_data <= l_sram_data_out WHEN OE_bar = '1' ELSE (OTHERS => 'Z');

if you allow FFs to be placed in io-blocks then XST puts the
data-FFs in the iob ...
but if you take a close look at xilinx fpgas then you can see
another FF for controlling the Tristate-Buffer ... the only way
(I know) to make XST use this FF was the above description ...


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