spartan3 power supply

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i'm going to use spartan3 50K fpga .
If i have a 3.3 input voltage to my card
do i have to create 2.5V and 1.2V .
i was wandering also what is the evarage current that the spartan3
consume from those powers.

i will use something like 80% from the chip CLB's

Avi Halfon

Re: spartan3 power supply
Avi, are you serious or just kidding?
Of course you have to use two regulators to generate the supply
voltages. Where do you think they would come from, and why do you think
we mention these requirements in the data sheet ?
And since the dynamic power consumption is proprtional to the clock
speed, the 80% figure tells nothing about power consumption.

Peter Alfke

Avi Halfon wrote:
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