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Hi folks,

Does anybody know if there are machine readable versions of the Spartan3
pin tables, like those that exist for V2 and V2pro?


I've tried extrapolating the naming scheme to make a guess at the url,
but no luck.

For Xilinx, a quick gripe: I spend a lot of time at the xilinx website,
accessing it on an almost daily basis, and am a professional researcher.
  Yet still, I am often unable to navigate to information that I *know*
is present.  For example, I ended up finding these V2/V2Pro pin tables
by digging out an old one I'd saved to my hard drive, and doing a google
search on the file name.

Anyway, enough whinging - how about those S3 pin tables?



Re: spartan3 pin tables
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I feel your pain.  Many companies turn data sheet location into an
easter egg hunt.  Xilinx is far better than many and worse than some.  

I just downloaded the pin lists today.  I think I had used a search on
the Xilinx web page for datasheets on "Spartan 3".  It gave me a list of
the four data sheet parts, the complete data sheet (thanks Xilinx) and
both ascii and excel pinouts.  Here is the URL that showed up, I just
happen to still have the page open...


Rick "rickman" Collins
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Re: spartan3 pin tables

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Thanks Rick.  For some bizarre reason these pin tables are in a
different format to those provided for V2 and V2Pro!  But anyway, I'll
massage them as necessary.

Actually what I'm trying to do is assess how to wire a board that might
potentially contain any of the fg-456 parts.  There are 3 each of
spartan3, virtex2 and v2pro devices using the fg456 package.

What I'm trying to achieve is a table that looks like:

pin    2v250      2v500    2v1000 2vp2    2vp4    2vp7   3s1000 ....
A1    GND        GND       GND    ...

and so on, so I can look across and determine all common pins between
parts, and all non-common pins, and go from there.

Kind of like generalising Xilinx's pin compatability tool across the v2,
v2pro and s3 families..

thanks again,


Re: spartan3 pin tables
The Spartan-3 pinout tables are described in the Spartan-3 data sheet, which
also provides a direct link to a ZIP file containing all the ASCII text

The Spartan-3 applications team slightly modified the text format to make it
easier to parse with a simple script.  Likewise, you can open the files
directly into Excel for easy sorting and massaging. All the tables are
comma-delimited entries and includes additional information that makes it
easier to create sorted lists.  All pins are typed according to the
descriptions in the data sheet.  Likewise, all BGA pins include both the row
and column values for each pin.  That way, you can create sorted lists where
ball "AK1" precedes ball "AK2".  Otherwise, sorting the pins alphabetically
has ball "AK1" preceding ball "AK10".  See the "readme.txt" file in the ZIP
file for a complete description.

Similarly, the ZIP file contains footprint diagrams in Microsoft Excel

Now, here are the direct links.

Spartan-3 Data Sheet:  Pinout Information

Spartan-3 Pinout Tables

We welcome any and all feedback to make these text files more useful.

BTW, personal opinion, I agree that documents are sometimes difficult to
find on the Xilinx web site.  We're working with the Xilinx web team to
improve things.
Steven K. Knapp
Applications Manager, Xilinx Inc.
Spartan-3/II/IIE FPGAs
Spartan-3:  Make it Your ASIC

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Re: spartan3 pin tables
On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 11:19:13 -0700, "Steven K. Knapp"

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The individual .csv files in the zip file
have *different* formats (numbers of columns, etc.).  That means a
parser must cope with a number of special cases, as well as handling
the completely different format used for Virtex (etc.) parts.

Is it possible to make all the formats the same?  (This is a
rhetorical question and doesn't require an answer.)

[Currently modifying scripts to cope with the new "easier to parse"
file formats.  The new parser is much larger than the old one.]

Re: spartan3 pin tables
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Ideally there's be a text file for each device, for each package, with 6

row, col, pin, name, bank, type

Using commas or tabs or whatever as the field seperator doesn't matter
too much, most data import utilities can deal with it.  As much as it
pains me, I'm using MS excel to do this, just import the raw data into
sheets, then create secondary sheets that use the vlookup() function to
pull out the data I need.  Not ideal, but it works.

Back to the purpose of my original message, it seems that I was naively
optimistic that there would be any footprint compatability across
families, within the same package type.  V2 and V2Pro have a few common
pins (or pin classes), such as the power and GND, but most of the rest
are different.  Spartan3 is even more different again.  Within families
it's fine - that's obviously the "upgrade path" that Xilinx have
designed for.



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