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I have a design with a Spartan3E driving some PCI logic.  I'm trying to
simulate part of the design using HyperLynx 7.5 and the Spartan3e IBIS
model from Xilinx.

1.  When I set the I/O standard for the pin(s) in question, the
steady-state output high voltage is 3V, not 3.3V .  I know Xilinx only
claims PCI 3.3V compatability if the I/Os are run at 3V -- is this
output voltage hard coded in the IBIS model?

I think all the power supplies in HyperLynx are correctly set,
including the 3.3V supply.

2.  In HyperLynx, when I change the I/O standard for the pin (i.e.
LVCMOS, SSTL, etc) the "pin number" for the selected pin seems to
change.  Is this "pin number" just refering to an I/O standard the IBIS
file supports?

3.  Xilinx XAP653 has some guidelines for PCI and clamp diode /
resistor calculations.  Page 2 seems to be a bit circular when it comes
to computing the resistance to limit the current, and more specifically
the foward voltage for the didoe .  Where does the knowledge of using
1V for the diode's Vf come from?  It seems the assumption is made that
Vf is 1V, current is calculated, and then the Vf is re-referenced based
on the foward current and it is "confirmed" Vf is 1V...

Your help is welcome.

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