Spartan 3E SPI Programming

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I was reading through XAPP445 (SPI Configuration), on page 9 an indirect
method of programming the SPI configuration device is proposed use the
JTAG interface to bit-bang the SPI interface.  Does anyone know if the
Impact tool supports this?


Re: Spartan 3E SPI Programming
not yet. indirect JTAG programming is supported by Altera and Lattice
tools, Xilinx might add this in ISE 9.x release I think.

we have some tools that do indirect SPI flash programming (IP core +
host side sw) but we have so far not released any full solutions for
SPI indirect programming. when we do then all FPGAs will be supported


Re: Spartan 3E SPI Programming
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What would also be nice is a Systam ACE Solution that uses MMC cards.
I really hate that huge system ACE chip!  I also dislike the fact that I
have to use FAT16 for configuration. A FAT32 solution would be even
better. I spent a long time trying to get a compact flash card to format
correctly.  I noticed that FAT32 always worked for file system access
(EDK) but was missing some critical functions such as delete file!


Re: Spartan 3E SPI Programming
this is one our TODO list as well, its all doable now since latticeXP
FPGAs are available :)

PS my MMC card (non SPI mode) FPGA configurator IP core (free at
openocores) uses 21 PLD macrocells (xilinx SPI flash loaded ip from
xilinx appnote is over 50 PLD macrocells). So you bet XP3 makes a real
cool replacement for systemACE ugly chip. Ok the 21 PLD cell version is
only possible for old small MMC cards that support CMD11 (most new
cards dont).

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