Spartan-3 : preconfiguration pull-up/float ?

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For the Spartan-II, the preconfiguration pullup resistors were selected
by the M2 configuration pin. What about for the Spartan-3?

My new design has to connect an ARM7TDMI bus to the SPARTAN-3. I need to
make sure my ucLinux will boot correctly, and so make sure about the IO
pins states of the SPARTAN-3 on the poweron.


Re: Spartan-3 : preconfiguration pull-up/float ?
Like Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro, the Spartan-3 FPGA pre-configuration
pull-up resistors are controlled by the HSWAP_EN pin.

0 = Enables weak pull-up resistors on all pins not actively involved in the
configuration process.

1 = No pull-up resistors during configuration.

After configuration, this pin is not used and should be kept at a logic 0 or

See page 13 of the Spartan-3 data sheet (Module 4, Pinouts) for more
Steven K. Knapp
Applications Manager, Xilinx Inc.
Spartan-3/II/IIE FPGAs
Spartan-3:  Make it Your ASIC

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