solderless breadboard + fpga + smt-adaptable socket?

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Please forgive me if I screw up some of the terminology here, I'm new
to actual physical manipulation of hardware...

I'm looking for a quick, cheap solution that will give me some
solderless breadboard space, a socket that I can put an SMT chip into
(probably via some sort of adapter, which is okay), and a Xilinx or
Altera low-end FPGA.  A cyclone would probably be ideal since I need
very few gates -- "no FPGA too small" and I'm trying to keep costs

Basically I'm looking for this with an FPGA already on it:

I'm looking for this because I just stumbled across a supply of very
cheap (but somewhat nonstandard) GPS chips, and I need to test out the
samples I got before I order more.  I'd also like to reuse this board
later for other similar projects.

I'll also need some way of programming the FPGA from a computer; JTAG
or serial is fine, USB would be even better.


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Re: solderless breadboard + fpga + smt-adaptable socket?
Instead of an FPGA board that includes a breadboard, why not a breadboard
where you plug a "DIP" FPGA board?
Like this ?

You populate the board sides with headers and it becomes a 24 pins "FPGA DIP
You configure it through a PC's serial port.


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