Silicore adopts open source business model for semiconductor IP; releases SLC1657 uP core ...

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*** Press Release / For Immediate Release: Silicore Adopts Open Source
Business Model for Semiconductor IP; Releases SLC1657 uP Core Under LPGL ***

   September 9, 2003 - Minneapolis, MN - USA. Silicore Corporation announced
today the adoption of an open source business model for semiconductor IP.
According to Wade Peterson, Silicore President and CEO: "We have been
studying the semiconductor market for some time now, and have concluded that
the best way to create and distribute soft IP is under an open source
business model. It's the same model that's used by Red Hat and other
GNU/Linux distributors. Until now we've operated under a traditional
software business model that's been used by companies like Microsoft and
Oracle. Under that approach we viewed IP as a product, but now we see it as
a service. We believe that System-on-Chip [SoC] integrators will prefer this
model because it lowers costs, simplifies licensing, reduces parts
obsolescence, improves security and allows them more control over their
system level IP."

   In a related move, Silicore released its SLC1657 microcontroller core
under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LPGL). VHDL source code and
documentation are now available on the Silicore website. Originally released
in 1998, the SLC1657 is a complete 8-bit RISC processor solution for use on
FPGA or ASIC devices. Typical applications include sensors, medical devices
and consumer electronics.

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