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Re: RISC-V Support in FPGA
On 5/1/2017 7:07 PM, Kevin Neilson wrote:
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The value of a company is not directly related to technology.  There are  
many ways to make a buck and making a buck is what the value of a  
company is about.

Anyone can make hamburgers, but McDonalds seems to have done well over  
the decades.


Rick C

Re: RISC-V Support in FPGA
snipped-for-privacy@xilinx.com says...
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They didn't buy ARM so much as  they bought a concept with a business model  
that many companies had foolishly signed up to accept - that's where the  
valuation comes from. The actual commodity - like those of pyramid schemes -  
(which is what IP is effectively) - is mostly irrelevant.  

and  yes - a student can design  "A processor" - but one that fulfills a market need  
that "significantly"  (and underlined)    moves the market forward adding value
in power, performance, size, manufacturability and so on - is not so easy to do.

(Trust me - I'm working on ideas myself - it's not trivial at all)



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Re: RISC-V Support in FPGA
On 5/2/2017 6:56 AM, john wrote:
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Yes, those "many companies" are crying all the way to the bank.

The pyramid is at the basis of most business models.  It's a great idea  
actually and everyone participates voluntarily.

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Any yet, ARM seems to be doing very well adding value for all the chip  


Rick C

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