Reconfiguration standards

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My university task involves use of reconfigurable logic. I need to automate
and organize data transfers between PC and FPGA. The netlist to be
downloaded into FPGA is described in EDIF file (I can have it as VHDL or
Verilog as well). I was recommended to use WebPack and TCL scripting for
automatic compilation. However, I want not to restrict my system with the
compiler/Xilinx FPGAs. I want my system to be as universal as possible.

I want to let user to choose any off-the-shelf FPGA depending on its
requirements and financial opportunities. This also means that I want to use
existing HW(pci, isa, rs232, etc.) and SW (driver) interfaces. Are there any
existing re-configurable industry standards (cards, HW/SW interfaces) I can
relay on? An alternative would be to create a level of abstraction from the

Re: Reconfiguration standards
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no cross-vendor standards.
most (but not all) vendors provide some shell /scripting for automation.


Re: Reconfiguration standards
Please investigate IEEE STD 1532 (IEEE Standard for Boundary-Scan-based
In System Configuration of Programmable Devices) to see if that
satisfies your needs.  It is supported by all major programmable logic

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