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Dear Sir,
I have been trying to the contents of  readback block ram on spartan
II kit.
This is how i tried I syntheized and implemented the design using Jtag
clk as start up clk and enableing the readback in configuartion
option. then connnecting the jtag cable to the board . i tried to
program using Jtag Programmer(Foundation Series 3.1). I clicked on the
program in the Menu , it gave 2 warning one that the device ID is not
tht of a Xilinx device . And the other saying some BSDL file error.
I proceeded to excetute the step given in xapp188 for readback
writing CFG_IN in IR and load FAR , loading RCFG in cmd and other till
CFG_OUT was written but i saw no chnage . I did this through debug
chain option .
 I dont think i am doing it right please  do help me on this i need to
readback the memory how should be do it  exactly
with regrads

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