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Hi all,
I'm working on a dynamically reconfigurable project on ML402 (virtex-4
sx35) and, for this, I have to load partial bitstreams from a Compact
Flash. I successfully generated a system.ace file that works fine and
configure my fpga at turn on. The problems come when I try to load a
partial bitstream stored on the CF: it always isn't possible and the
error led turn on. The first time I try to open bitstream the program
stalls, the second time it says that it can't open the file. Always
I tried to open and read an image .bmp, using sysace_fopen and
sysace_fread, and it works. The problem comes with bitstreams
(both .bit and .bin).
I have this problem both in my reconfigurable system and in a normal
system based on MicroBlaze.

Have you any suggestion? I would be grateful for your help.


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