[Quartus] File folders changed -> errors

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Hi there,
I use Quartus II v3.0 to work on my Altera designs and I have a problem.

Recently I reorganized my hardrive and moved some folder locations...
My old projects open fine from new locations and all components are
found correctly when I double-click in the schematics window.
When I try to locate the component in the messages window (by double
clicking on the error line) the program cannot locate my files, telling
me that file does not exists. This file truly does not exists because
it is looked for in the *old* locations, somehow preserved in the project

Is there a way to fix the project files without redo all my projects?
I do not want the program to look in the old locations on my non-existing
e: drive. I moved everything to bigger c: drive but it does not work!
I have changed the location for my "User Libraries" in Settings, but
it did not help... Any other ideas?

Re: [Quartus] File folders changed -> errors

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Try to go to:
Project > Add/remove files in Project
and there must be the files you need to change locations.

hope it helps

Re: [Quartus] File folders changed -> errors
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Interestingly enough, it was enough to open this window
and the problem is fixed... Somehow it relisted everything
but I had to enter this window with the list of files.

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