Programming Nios Ethernet Development Kit

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As part of a project my partner and I are required to use the APEX
board and the NIOS Ethernet Development Kit for internet
communication.  We need an indepth understanding of the software code
needed to program the ethernet board, e.g. initiallizing, sending,
etc. however the manual and online resources don't have alot of

Is there anyone who has used the ethernet adapter board and has
managed to make an application using it? because i'm having difficulty
intialising the plug and using the structures avaible (from the
manual) to get simple application going.. your help is most most
appreciated!! :))


Re: Programming Nios Ethernet Development Kit (Colin) wrote in message
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Hi Colin,

I talked to our application group.  They don't have a nice document
which shows how to create an Ethernet application.  However, the
example web server code is commented fairly well.  If you have
knowledge of sockets and then read through the Plugs manual and the
example web server code, they believe you'll have a pretty good
understanding of how things fit together.  If you are doing something
quite different from the web server, then it may be more difficult
unless you understand sockets well.  They suggest becoming familiar
with sockets (if you aren't already) and then looking at the example
web server code in the Nios installation
(<install>/examples/nios_apex_20k200/standard_cs8900_xx or
standard_lan91c111_xx, depending on which MAC/PHY card you have).

Hope this is helpful, and good luck.


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