Problem using virtex 4 and virtex 6 ibis models

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 I am facing some problems while using IBIS models in hyperlynx. I have to
analyze a clock signal coming from 60MHz crystal oscillator and going to
virtex 4 FPGA with part number (XC4VLX60-11FF1148) at pins AD17 and AE17
and then from vertix 4 the signal is going to Virtex 6 FPGA with part
number (XC6VLX365T-FF1156) at pins G9 and H9. I downloaded IBIS models of
virtex 4 and virtex 6 from the xilinx website. Now I am facing problem
which pin of IBIS model I should assign. The pins given in IBIS model files
are different from these part number which I am using. I want to know
either these models are correct for these part number? what should I do

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