PCI Card with FPGA

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I am looking for a PCI card with an FPGA on it with reasonable capacity
of gates (15 million gates). I need to use this board as a hardware
accelerator in a PC environment. My exact requirements for the PCI card
1. should have a PCI controller/ bridge on it so that I dont have to
put PCI core on the FPGA.
2. the FPGA should be configurable through PCI (that means the
programming pins of the FPGA should be routed to the PCI).
3. seperate IO and data bus are preferred from/to the FPGA.

I will be using this hardware accelerator for speeding up DSP
algorithms. The application running on windows will have several such
DSP bitstreams and the user will be selecting the DSP bitstreams and
downloading it on the FPGA through PCI. Data will be pumped into the
FPGA through PCI using the data bus for processing while the status and
command operations will be managed through the IO pins. Once the
processing is done, the data will be read back by the application using
the same data bus.


Boards I have explored are:
1. PCIS3BASE from cesys.com (supports only data bus)
2. PCI Proto Board from techniprise.com (smaller FPGA)


Re: PCI Card with FPGA
Try www.edt-inc.com


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Re: PCI Card with FPGA
Hi Clark,
the link does not seem to be working..........


cpope wrote:
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Re: PCI Card with FPGA
Sorry, try http://www.edt.com/gen_products.html

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Re: PCI Card with FPGA

Re: PCI Card with FPGA
Possibly not quite what you want but worth considering is our
Broaddown4. It would need a FPGA programmed to support PCI-E (do you
want conventional PCI) but it can support up to 3 more FPGAs that can
be dynamically reprogrammed from the first FPGA.

For convenional PCI our Broaddown2(Spartan-3) can act as a front end
with a Swinyard1 module fitted to give anything up to a single Virtex-4
LX160 or SX55.

Info on all these products here
http://www.enterpoint.co.uk/boardproducts.html .

John Adair
Enterpoint Ltd.

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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Re: PCI Card with FPGA
You can try: www.vmetro.com

Re: PCI Card with FPGA
has a board with a Virtex5 on board!!!

Re: PCI Card with FPGA

   http://www.dinigroup.com/index.php?product=DN9000k10PCI (Virtex-5)
   http://www.dinigroup.com/DN8000k10pci.php (Virtex-4)
   http://www.dinigroup.com/DN8000k10psx.php (Virtex-4 -- can have


I'm not certain what you mean by '15 million gates'  The largest FPGA
that is shipping today is the V5 LX330, and it is, at most, 2 million
ASIC gates.  And the LX330 isn't really 'shipping'.

Re: PCI Card with FPGA
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You'll never get a job in FPGA marketing. Everyone who has knows that every
single bit of dual port memory is approximately 10.23756 gates. And
furthermore, as soon as you put anything in inverted commas, it becomes
'true'. By which I mean 'false'.
'HTH', Syms

Re: PCI Card with FPGA
As a side note on the gate count, you might want to see what Austin Lesea
posted today, "gate"=??? (if you have not already)

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