next EDK service pack release date?

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I think Xilinx has said the service packs should come once a months?
So is the EDK service pack delaying or may there will be no SP and
comes out EDK 8.2?

the reason why I am asking is the issue that - EDK 8.1 SP2 can not use
FSL links with MicroBlaze 3.0 (bug!!!) and MicroBlaze 4.0 has still to
my knowledge issues with uClinux, so its very complicated to make
Impulse-C codeveloper FSL accelerator demos for systems that can run


Re: next EDK service pack release date?
Hi Antti,

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details?  I'm not aware of any issues, and there's no chatter about such on the
mb-uclinux list.


Re: next EDK service pack release date?
John Williams schrieb:

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Dear John,

google: uclinux microblaze 4
first hit

is link to the some chatter on the mb-uclinux
I would assume readers of the uclinux list (some at least) are aware of
the problem.

to my knowledge there was never a plausible explanation why MB4 behaved
badly with uclinux, but as I had issues with it on the platforms I am
testing with then I have frozen my referecence design to MB version 3 -
to guarantee that uclinux works in stable fashion.

maybe the issue is gone by today, I will retest again to see if there
are still problems or not


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