need help with Xilinx ISE 4.2i software

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Hello, all, I hope someone can help,

I used to have my Xilinx Foundation/ISE up to date, but
I let the support lapse, as all the new work seemed to be aimed at
devices I was not going to use in the forseeable future.

I had Foundation running on an older Win 95 system, and
just stored the upgrade boxes.  I got A win 2000 system set up,
installed ISE 4.2i, got my licenses for ISE and Foundation from
Xilinx, and everything seemed to be working.  Now, I'm trying
to seriously learn VHDL, and so I need to get FPGA Express
working.  This used a different license scheme, as it was licensed
from Synopsys.  I can't figure out how to get a license file from
Xilinx, or convert my old license, or whatever it takes.  I have
an old license from the Win 95 Foundation, but of course the
disk serial numbers are different.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?
I really can't expect Xilinx to help, as I dropped my support

Thanks very much in advance,


Re: need help with Xilinx ISE 4.2i software
FPGA express is obsolete (Xilinx removed it and Synopsys also does not have
it)...and I doubt there is anything anyone could do to setup the license
again (I may be wrong though...)

If you are using any of the devices supported by the Xilinx Webpack (All
CPLDs, All Spartan-II, All Spartan-IIe except 400e and 600e, XCV50E-XCV300E,
XC2V40-XC2V250, XC2VP2, 3S50, 3S200, 3S400) you can use the XST tool for
synthesis. Webpack can be downloaded free from downloads page of


ps- spartan-3 support will be available in webpack in 6.1i release scheduled
to be available end of sep...

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Re: need help with Xilinx ISE 4.2i software

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Well, that's the problem!  I'm using 5V original Spartan chips, and need
for voltage compatibility.  I suppose I could look into using later
Spartans with
some sort of logic level converter.  The lower price of the newer (and
die) Spartan-II and such could easily pay for the converting circuits.
 But, I don't
really want to redesign the boards on a current product.  It bugs me
they don't support
the old Spartan.  All it would require is a few data files, it seems.

I have the software working on an old (retired) computer, but the
license is locked to the
hard drive serial number, and I can't move it to my current machine.


Re: need help with Xilinx ISE 4.2i software
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There is help for this.  Whenever I install a new hard drive in a
machine, I give it the same serial number as all the others.  Then I can
use my license on any hard drive I happen to use.  Since I swap out hard
drives as a backup means, this is essential.  

If you need info on changing your hard drive serial number, there is a
program available for that (as long as you are running a FAT drive and
not NTFS).  Or I can send you instructions for doing this manually using
the old DOS DEBUG commands.  


Rick "rickman" Collins
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Re: need help with Xilinx ISE 4.2i software
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My real email is (or something like that).

Re: need help with Xilinx ISE 4.2i software

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WOW, thanks Rick and Duane!  Together, you've given me all the things
to fix this!  I didn't know how to change the volid on an NTFS disk.
This fixed it, and the license seems to be working!  (Now, i just have to
beat my vhdl file into shape so FPGA express likes it!)

Thanks again,


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