Need help regarding xupv2p board....

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I bought this board so that I can write the whole software using just
VHDL. but only info i can find is... to use Power PC  or microblaze
core using EDK and then have periphirals using VHDL.

I tried to use JTAG to program the PROM to install the basic VHDL
software that returns a number on hyper terminal... but it doesn't
seem to work...

Anybody got any idea... I would really appreciate your help.

Re: Need help regarding xupv2p board....
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You really cannot write the whole software in VHDL.

VHDL (VHSIC hardware description language) reference http://en.wikipedia.or =
is often used as a design-entry language for FPGA's. The peripherals
you mentioned were probably designed using VHDL. When the VHDL is
synthesized and routed, the bitstream is used to configure the FPGA
hardware.  The bitstream from the VHDL does not run as a program on a
processor but configures the FPGA resources into a unique function
like a UART.

One typically writes the software for the Power PC or Microblaze in a
C/C++ type language, not VHDL.  Someone might argue that ADA could be
used to program the PowerPC and that it is similar in syntax to VHDL
but I think that argument just leads to confusion because I think a
good ADA programmer would be lost if you asked them to design
something using an FPGA and VHDL. Likewise there are C to FPGA
compilers.  Never had the pleasure to use one.

My thoughts are that unless you are or strongly want to be a hardware
designer, stay away from VHDL.

For others to help you, I think you need to state your background and
what you are trying to achieve.

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