Need Advice regarding Interfacing of Max9850 audio DAC with spartan 6 FPGA

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Hello Folks,

I am trying to interface MAX9850 Audio DAC with spartan 6 FPGA with I2C Interfacing.
I'm Using VHDL Language For coding.
 Does Someone worked on this before? or worked related to this.

 Things need to know I am using only these two for interfacing.So For clocking what should i do?(can i use fpga clock for driving master clock)

what audio data format to choose?Right justified or left or I2s

I just need to hear audio from Max9850 audio jack.
 what other factor i need to take into account....

Re: Need Advice regarding Interfacing of Max9850 audio DAC with spartan 6 FPGA
On 07/09/2018 11:11, Swapnil Patil wrote:
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I think that you need to read the data sheets for the chips very  
carefully - it is not possible to drive the data to an audio DAC via I2C.
Like many others the MAX9850 has an I2C interface for configuration but  
uses the classic MCLK, BCLK,LRCLK and SD (Serial Data) for the audio data.

If you drive from an FPGA the choice between left justified, right  
justified or I2S is unimportant - all can easily be achieved.

It isn't that hard to implement both the I2C and audio data interfaces  
on an FPGA.

You can use an FPGA derived clock for the master clock (assuming you are  
not looking for ultimate audio quality so don't care about jitter). The  
Maxim data sheet will tell you about relationships between master clock  
and data clocks and audio data.


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