Most power efficient FPGA?

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Hi, I have been away from in-depth FPGA development for maybe a decade!
I am looking to design an embedded camera product where power use is key. I'd like to use an FPGA for some video manipulation not much.
I used to only use Altera FPGAs, so I know their architecture well enough. It looks like the Cyclone 10 LP is the lowest-power device they have, and their LE structure looks the same as when I last worked with Altera.
What is the most efficient Xilinx family? I don't need embedded hard CPU, transceiver I/O, or anything but DSP hard blocks and basic logic.
Using Altera's Early Power Estimator, it looks like I can get to 600 mW using 1.0 V_ccint on Cyclone 10 with about 90% of logic (15,000 LUTs and registers), block RAM (50 M9K's) and DSPs (100 9x9's).
Then I started using Xilinx's power estimator but got a bit confused because I don't know how to map the same resource usage on to a Xilinx device.
Which Xilinx parts are the most power-efficient? The Zync Ultrascale+, Zync 7000, or Artix-7?


Re: Most power efficient FPGA?

The ICE40 family from Lattice is, as far as I know, the FPGA with the most focus on low power. They are very small (the largest model only has 8 thousand LUTs) and don't have multipliers and stuff like that.

Beyond low power, there has been recently a lot of interest in these chips because they have been reversed engineered allowing a complete open source tool chain to be made compatible with them.

The devices you mentioned are not as efficient but they do allow far larger designs.

-- Jecel

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