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Re: Low cost FPGA w/serdes
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I should probably make it clear that our poor experience was not with
FMG Electronics.


Re: Low cost FPGA w/serdes
Hi Mike,

I tried sending you a mail there.
If you are still interested send me a mail as we can set you up with
an Eval board.


Re: Lattice Semi

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How about Altera's Aria GX?  The 60K LE device is $262.50 from Arrow, about
the same as the 70K device from Lattice.  The SERDES in the Lattice device
looks better (and there are more of them), but Altera's synthesis tools are
better.  The free web edition software supports this device.

I know they support x4 PCIe, if that's why you need the SERDES.

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Re: Lattice Semi
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The Altera Arria GX may be a technically good device but the prices from
the factory were - at least at the time - double what we were quoted for
the Lattice and Xilinx alternatives.  These were quantity quotes with
production over a year away.  Double?  Maybe the quote was a fluke since
prototype pricing for a larger part came in much better than I expected
(given the recent experience) when our coworkers on another coast got
quotes from their local sales folks.

- John_H

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