Is this a bug in ISE 6.1?

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It seems to me, the NGDBuild can't differentiate two XCF constraints
which are brought in by the NGC files...

I put a clock period of 14.58ns in XCF for XST synthesis.
Then I put a UCF constraint of 23.085ns for partially P&R
on two sides of my XC2V6000...When I started to assemble
them, the NGDBuild gave me this error:

ERROR:XdmHelpers:682 - Second definition of specification "TS_clk_in" found:
   first definition: PERIOD:clk_in:14580.000000:pS:HIGH:50.000000%
   second definition: PERIOD "clk_in" 14580.000000 pS HIGH 50.000000 %
WARNING:XdmHelpers:681 - UCF definition of specification "TS_clk_in"
   the definition found in the netlist or NCF file:
   UCF: PERIOD "clk_in" 23085.000000 pS HIGH 50.000000 %
   netlist/NCF: PERIOD:clk_in:14580.000000:pS:HIGH:50.000000%

How may I handle this sort of awkward situation?


Re: Is this a bug in ISE 6.1?

This is a warning that tells you that the XST / PAR has used the last =
constraint set in the UCF file.

Xilinx allows multiple constrainst to be set, but if more than one is =
used the UCF file will have priority.

I think it goes something like EDIF file constraint to NCF file to UCF =
file etc.

With UCF file setting the priority. i.e. the user can override what an =
IP provider has stated in the EDIF or NCF for a particular place and =
route run in the UCF.

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