Incrmental Compilation in Quartus 5.1

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Hello, my co-worker has a very large Altera Quartus 5.1 design that
takes about 45 minutes to compile. The project has already had the pins
physically assigned and he is still adding things to the project such
as updated modules. I mentioned to him that trying Incremental
Compilation (IC) might decrease compilation time. He asked if you could
do IC after the I/O pin symbols have been physically assigned to pins?
I'm not an expert on IC so I hope someone can help.


Re: Incrmental Compilation in Quartus 5.1

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Yes. Look at Design Partitioning...

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Re: Incrmental Compilation in Quartus 5.1
Hi Joe,

You can certainly use Quartus II Incremental Compilation after
assigning the pins in your design to physical locations on the device.
Incremental compilation should help your co-worker preserve the
unchanged parts of his design, including the pin locations, as he adds
updated modules.  He should also save compilation time during this
process as well.  For more information on Quartus II Incremental
Compilation you can visit the following links:

Quartus II Incremental Compilation Website (Provides an overview of the
feature and links to more information):

Quartus II Handbook Volume 1, Chapter 1 (Provides a thorough
description of the feature and how to use it):

Hopefully this provides all the information your co-worker needs to use
incremental compilation for his design, good luck!


Shawn Malhotra
Altera Corp. wrote:
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Re: Incrmental Compilation in Quartus 5.1

Beware of the fact that the Quartus Incremental compilation seems to be
not compliant with some IP and the Signal Tap feature.


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