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Hi all,

When I ran implementation in Project Manager (Xilinx Foundation F2.1i) I've
got following errors:

ERROR:NgdHelpers:335 - logical net "SR<11>" has multiple drivers
ERROR:NgdHelpers:346 - input pad net "SR<11>" has an illegal connection

the same error was for nets SR11 to SR4 which belongs to bus SR[11:0] - four
branches of this bus are connected to inputs of  lateches e.g. D[7:0].
I'm not using any of input pad for those nets because they are only internal
buses, connecting block to block - so there is no pad in this schematics. I
don't understand this errors, which says:
"input pad net "SR<11>" has an illegal connection"  - what input pad ???
Do you know what could be wrong with this and how can I avoid this ?

Thanks in advance

Sebastian Duszyk

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