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I found that mozilla email supports a really useful feature:  it is
"ignore thread."

I know, everyone else probably knows how to use this but me....

Anyway, for those who do not, go to Message, pull down, and you find
"Ignore Thread."  Do this while pointing to any message in a thread to
be ignored, and poof!

Does Exploder/Outhaus also have this feature?  I don't know.  Can you do
this with Google?  Again, I just don't know.

For when the 'ranting' never seems to stop, or when you see a thread
with posts you just wish to ignore.


Re: ignore thread
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With you on the newsgroup, we all learnt this long ago!
H&Ks, Syms.

p.s. Just kidding! :-)

Re: ignore thread

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Without Austin, this list just wouldn't be the same :(

Re: ignore thread
Outlook Express (which my Outlook uses as its newsreader) has "Ignore
Conversations" and "Block Sender..." available from the Message menu.  First
time I've used it.

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Re: ignore thread
On a sunny day (Mon, 20 Mar 2006 17:54:47 GMT) it happened "John_H"

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All so primitive, the newsreader I wrote (Linux NewsFlex, this one:
 http://panteltje.com/panteltje/newsflex/index.html ) has been around now for
almost 8 years... it has a very powerful filter option, probably the best [one]
" make any posting with words '...you name it' invisible. "
ANY posting.
So if I was to enter Xilinx in there, there would be one less FPGA manufacturer.
Because it is so powerful, I usually do not bother to use the filters, as it is
obvious (I always get headers first) what is interesting and what not.
Some posts I read for amusment, some to learn.
Tonight I was wondering if there was a relation between the quality of the posts
[from a company] and the quality of the software a company makes.
OK ignore thread.

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