Help needed to design recursive digital circuit

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Hi all
I have problem in designing a circuit which is recursive

Suppose i am designing a schematic of BRLSHIFTER  and suppose i want
assign all outputs to inputs then what changes should I made in ".vhf"

Thanking you

Re: Help needed to design recursive digital circuit
PiyushG schrieb:
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Hi Piyush,
first of all...why do you want to manipulate your *.vhf file?
if you are designing a schematic, you can use your schematic editor,
which creates a *.sch file. The *.vhf file is generated from the
schematic file, and might be overwritten by the IDE.

Now, if you already have designed your barrelshiftersave it, go back to
the ide and generate a symbol out of the schematic (Look under design
entry tools). Open a new schematic and place the barrel schifter symbol
there. Well, now you are free to connect the outputs to the inputs with
a bus or wires, if it makes any sense.
Maybe you should think about a multiplexer, to feed in your initial data
and then switch to the feedback, and a register would be nice to prevent
a combinatorial loop, if your barrel shifter doesn't already have it.

At last please tell me what you mean by "recursive"? Recursion is not
equal to feeding data back into a function (block), which can be seen as
looping. In software it only works, because you have lots of RAM and
your function can allocate new workspaces (for variables etc.) until the
problem deepth is reached and the results can be accumulated somehow on
the way back to the first calling function, or...until your ram limit is
reached. (Without thinking about the stack)
This is a virtual behavior. Workspaces are created as needed.
How should that happen in hardware? Function blocks do not virtually pop
out of nowhere.
It is surely possible to create a hardware that behaves to a certain
limit like a recursive algorithm, but then, only a very limited number
of algorithms need real recursion. In software mostly everything can be
expressed different, though not even as elegant.

have a nice synthesis

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