Green/Red detector and button controlled car (BASYS3/VHDL)

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Hi, I am a 2nd-year ee student, and I need to make a term Project. With BAS
YS3 by using VHDL.

My purpose is constructing a car which can be controlled with the buttons o
n BASYS3 ( I think I need Bluetooth module for it to RC a car). In addition
 to that my car should stop when it sees red ( i think I should use a color
 sensor for it) and should not work until it sees a green. These ?r
ed? and ?green? can be anything like green cubic to
This color sensor does not have to be mounted on the car, but it would be b
etter if it is.

I have very little information about basys3, vhdl, sensor design, etc. (thi
s is my first course in ee I was learning principle courses like math, phy,
 cs )

I would appreciate any help.

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