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That still small voice you hear on the inside, the one drawing you from  
within, reminding you of the things you should be doing, and pointing  
out the things you shouldn't be doing ... listen to it.  That voice was  
put there by God to guide you into all rightness, and away from  
everything wrong, hurtful and harmful (to yourself and others).  

Even though you've done hurtful and harmful things to others, God  
still wants to forgive you.  He still loves you.  He still wants to turn  
your life around and give it to Him, to follow after the works of  
truth and light, rather than pursuits of self-interest in darkness.  

We all need each other.  We need to help each other become the  
full and rich people we can be.  And we need God to help us overcome  
those things we cannot overcome on our own.  

Go to church each week.  Learn about Jesus Christ.  Learn what it  
means to seek after and pursue that still, small voice on the inside,  
rather than continuing to drown it out with other things, ignoring  
it hoping it will go away.  

This is your time to step forward in faith, to take heed of His inner call,  
to answer that call and pursue Him to that end He has for you, even  
forgiveness of your sin, and eternal life in Heaven in a body like  
the angels, beautiful, young, and strong.  

A life you never imagined awaits you in pursuit of Him.  He redeems  
you and restores you to life (spiritual life), such that new things  
abound within your new man existence.  It is absolutely beyond that  
which you could imagine, because it's all completely new, through  
the new man nature, and the new life after the spirit.  

God loves you, and will forgive you.  Just ask Him to forgive you  
from where you are.  He does the rest.  And then make the real  
conscious choice to listen to that inner voice, to go to church, to say  
no to sin in your life, and yes to holiness and pursuits by which  
you help others.  

We have weaknesses as individuals, but we are strong together.  Go  
to church and be part of that community of strength, remembering  
that the same enemy at work out here in the world, also tries with  
extra effort to gain footholds in the church.  You must maintain your  
integrity and focus on Him first, and other things second, and then  
also teach and gently remind those in the church the same.  
Lead them continually back to where they should be, as He leads  
you from within.  

Don't be prideful in your new faith.  Remember from where you came  
and help others to come to forgiveness in Jesus in the like manner He  
forgave you, by having heard this message by spreading it and by  
teaching people about Him.  

We need Him in our lives.  First, and out front.  He is our Redeemer.  
Our Salvation.  Our Guide.  Our Teacher.  And He is also our Friend.  

Never let the enemy's lies convince you ahead of the truth.  Remain  
in Him, focused, and teaching and rebuking, being ready to also be  
rebuked should you open your mouth and teach something falsely in  
ignorance.  He gently guides all of us down the straight and narrow  
path.  Because He loves us.  

Love you,  
Rick C. Hodgin  

PS - For those who hear His call and know what I'm talking about,  
welcome.  The Kingdom of God awaits you.  May you serve Him  
always in honest integrity, with a right mind and focus on leading  
more people to His Son Jesus, so they can also be forgiven and  
be saved.  Always done in much peace and much love.  

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