fpga zigbee interface

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i have spartan6 atlys(LX45) board, can anyone suggest me how to interface zigbee to this board to communicate with pc.thnx

Re: fpga zigbee interface
On 05/24/2017 10:16 PM, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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Buy a Zigbee module and implement whatever physical layer it needs.  
Freescale/NXP probably offers some. Texas Instruments may also.

Any particular reason for using Zigbee? Bluetooth would probably be  
easier to find modules for and probably has better support on the PC end.


Re: fpga zigbee interface
On 25/05/2017 14:05, BobH wrote:
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As this is a Student board perhaps that's a requirement of a college  
project or similar. Plenty of papers on the net on doing this for  
specific data items e.g.


plenty of simple modules that use for example the SPI interface e.g.


which is simple to implement, but that board already has lots of  
connectivity. Why complicate things by add ZigBee


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