FPGA Synthesis to LUT: Looking for papers/algorithms

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I am looking for some easy to understand papers/links that explain the mapp
ing from a generic netlist to LUT. For e.g. looking at c=(a+b)*c - d; I w
ould imagine there is a generic adder, multiplier and subtractor involved a
nd I understand that Verilog/VHDL -> generic synthesis process.  

From the generic netlist , say a collection of and/or/nand/not OR higher le
vel macros like multipliers etc how do you map to the FPGA LUT? Some papers
 or links would be very helpful.  


Re: FPGA Synthesis to LUT: Looking for papers/algorithms

I agree, there isn't much papers and links on this subject.  

I recently came across this:

You can also search for relevant Xilinx/Altera/Tabula patents in Google Patents.


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