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Hi all,
I am developing my first circuit board with FPGA.
Trying to make a circuit board without PROM for FPGA programming so
just using the FPGA, hence cutting down the cost as well for security.
Planning on using the JTAG method where the bit file is used to
directly program the FPGA.
In this case since the FPGA needs to be programmed every time on
powerup, is there a cache in the FPGA which stores the bitstream and
configures the FPGA each time on powerup.
Or does the bitstream need to be downloaded each time when the FPGA is
powered up unlike the PROM method where the FPGA gets configured from
the PROM.
I couldnt find any documentation on Xilinx website for these questions.
So any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks & regards

Re: FPGA programming

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No.  There is only static RAM in the FPGA for storage, nothing that
can last beyond power cycling.

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Yes.  But I wouldn't say its "unlike" the PROM method.  At the FPGA
the bitstream is loaded after each power cycle in either instance.
In the case of the PROM, the bitstream is on-board.  With JTAG it
comes from your computer.

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Many of the Xilinx FPGA's have both a datasheet and a user guide.
There is
much more detailed information about configuration (and other topics)
in the user guides than in the datasheets.

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Re: FPGA programming
Thank you Gabor for the information.

Re: FPGA programming

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Don't know what size fpga you need, but you can forget about the boot
if you want by using the XP fpga.  It is sram + flash on the same die.

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