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We are using V5LX110T and V5L330 FPGAs.  Are there decent pin swapping
utilities so that we do not have to spend a lot of time in PCB Laout
to do the pin swapping?  I am hoping that the tool shows the BGA view
of the FPGA and lets the user to swap pins such that there is good
break out from the FPGA.



Re: FPGA pin swapping utility
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Mentor's "IO Designer" does just that. You use it to create schematic
symbols that can be changed dynamically. So you can finish the schematic
and change just the symbols later when optimizing the pin out.

You can import your PCB-Layout (after all components are placed) and use
IO-Designer to "unravel" busses and optimize the pinout.

It also knows about bank supply voltage rules, clock pins/regions and so
on (so it won't let you put an LVCMOS18-output in a bank that already
has a LVTTL-Output or let you put a clock on a regular IO), which can be
a big help.

It can also generate a conatraint file for your FPGA (UCF or SDC) and a
top level HDL-file.

But as all Mentor products it's quite expensive and has its quirks...


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Re: FPGA pin swapping utility
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For Cadence Allegro Design Entry (aka ConceptHDL), we use a "bit-
sliced" symbol where each IO pin has a common Vcco pin. You can hard-
assign pin numbers you need, and let Allegro (board layout) auto or
manually swap the remaining pins. Having the common Vcco pins keeps
Allegro from swapping IO pins that have their Vcco pin tied to a
different voltage (or just signal name). The advantage of this
approach is if you have multiple banks powered from one voltage, you
can swap freely between IO pins in any of those banks.  You can lock
IO pins into specific banks by temporarily assigning a unique signal
name to that bank's Vcco pins. Then when you're done swapping, tie all
the appropriate banks' Vcco pins to the correct voltage signal.

This works very well as far as it goes, but it does not allow you to
constrain smaller groups of pins (say around local clocks, etc.), but
still allow swappability within those smaller groups.


Re: FPGA pin swapping utility
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In my experience, setting up the automated tool has taken longer than
"just doing it".

My design flow is OrCAD->(Q2/ISE)->PADS.  I go into ECO mode in Pads,
and clean up the routes, part data sheet in hand.  I take the "was-is"
file from PADS, and translate it into a pin-swap file for OrCAD, and
then update the pinout (constraint) file for the FPGA..  After a
couple of boards, I've learned how to "see" the routes (ie BGA->QFP)
when pinning the FPGA, so it typically takes only two passes to get it

Truth is, I would have trouble trusting a low-end tool to get it
right; I've seen the Mentor tool make mistakes (mostly from pinswap
parameters being entered wrong, but a mistake is a mistake.)


Re: FPGA pin swapping utility
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  You can also use scripts in PADS to (relatively easily) scan the FPGA
and export a revised Pinout to the FPGA tools. You then confirm that
is routable in the FPGA/CPLD tool flow.
  Only design constraint is you need to match the NET names to the fpGA
signal names, but who doesn't do that ? :)


Re: FPGA pin swapping utility
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Xilinx Planahead does just that. I have successfully used this for a
V5LX50-FF1153 design.
This has several features apart from pin planning (PinAhead),
including easy definition of placement constraints for meeting timing
Handy for pin planning is the ability to output a CSV file of the pins
and I/O standards, which could then easily be imported into your PCB
program (without scripting etc.). You can also reimport the CSV file
and it will update the UCF.

This is downloadable from the Xilinx website.
According to Avnet Silica this software is being made free, even
though it doesn't appear like that from the Xilinx site.
The only irritation is that you have to download a new eval licence
each month (have done this for the last 5 months).


Re: FPGA pin swapping utility

    I just click "Auto pin swap" in Altium's menu...
    However it has a few stupidities, like swapping input-only and ouput  
pins, which means you have to define the swapgroups yourself. This is  
quite easy, however the program often deletes some (but not all) of my  
swap group definitions without warning and then won't swap some pins. So i  
have to re-define the swap groups every five minutes. I think it sucks.

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