fpga board with audio in/out (xilinx fpga) ?

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I'm searching for a FPGA board for about $500 with an "audio in" and "audio
out" port... adequate for audio processing applications. I thought of a
Virtex II fpga, but can be another one from XILINX....
Can anyone recommend a board like this ?

Timo Dammes

Re: fpga board with audio in/out (xilinx fpga) ?

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We offer the XST-2 Board that has an AK4551 stereo audio codec:

You combine it with one of our XSA-50 or XSA-100 Boards:

Or look at the XSB-300E Board with an AK4565 stereo audio codec:

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Dr. Dave Van den Bout
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Re: fpga board with audio in/out (xilinx fpga) ?
Not quite off the shelf but our Broaddown2 will accept 3.3V DIL packaged codecs
etc or stripboard based interfaces. <br><br>Broaddown2 is Spartan-3 based.
Broaddown2 details are here <a
href="http://www.enterpoint.co.uk/moelbryn/broaddown2.html ">http://www.enterpoint.co.uk/moelbryn/broaddown2.html </a>
. <br><br>--  <br>
John Adair <br>
Enterpoint Ltd. - Home of Broaddown2. The Ultimate Spartan3 Development <br>
Board. <br>
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