Extended burst with ADNP with CY7C1386C/CY7C1387C

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Hi All,

I have to develop a fast data logger in FPGA, which stores the data in
CY7C1386C memory.
Unfortunately, the author of the board has connected only the ADNP signal,
not the ADNC signal.
In the datasheet
( http://eicom.ru/downloads/?pdf=/Cypress_PDFs/CY7C1386C1387C/CY7C1386C1387C.pdf
on the page 27, there is only an example of extending the write burst with
the ADNC signal.
1. Is it possible to use ADNP too extend the burst?
2. Do I need to lose one cycle for initiating the next burst?
TIA & regards,
Wojtek Zabolotny

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