Error : iMPACT 1208 : -'1' Boundary-Scan chain test failed at bit position 1

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Error : iMPACT 1208 : -'1' Boundart-Scan chain test failed at bit
position 1

A problem may exist in the hardware configuration.
Check that the cable, scan chain, and the power connections are intact,
that the specifed scan chain configuration matches the actual hardware,
and that the power supply is adequate and delivering the correct

Hi ,
       I am newly using the Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA starter kit, all
these days when I used to switch on the kit I used to see the RED LED's
glow one after the other and was able to see the "SPARTAN 3 STARTER
KIT" running on the SEVEN SEGMENT LED display, I tried to download some
code into the FPGA/ PROM , wanting to see some output, during trying to
do that also the board was displaying the messages but now all of a
sudden the FOGA KIR is not displaying the messages and I am getting the
above error......

Could anybody please tell me what could be the it that
by any chance my board is dead and my 99$ are burnt :-(((..............

Please help.........

Short of Words,

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