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TBGenerator - program for testing and diagnosting HDL designs (Verilog
or VHDL).
This program reads source files (VHDL or Verilog) and automatically
generates test bench file (Verilog or VHDL format) for the selected
module and macro file (Tcl/Tk, Sh) for particular simulator (ModelSim,
Active-HDL/Riviera, NC-sim, VCSi and others). You don't have to waste
your time for writing test benches!
    You can define input stimulus for in/inout ports either by the
formula, by the clock pulse, by random variable or you can define an
input file with stimulus data (text file with input vectors and time).
You can change only the stimulus in the input file without changing
the test bench file. The values of all the ports will be written to
the file during the simulation if you chose to do so.
Program has some additional tools:
- generator of components declaration for chosen module;
- frequency to time converter and vice versa;
- input file editor.
User-friendly interface and advanced help.
This program is shareware with a trial period 30 days

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