Easier initializing of blockram (spartan3)

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Instead of using INIT_XX=>"...." I would like to write like "INIT(W,A)=>D"
where W is the buswidth and D is the initial value (including parity bus) at
the port at adress A. This is a plain mapping function and maybe someone has
done this before me so I dont have to rewrite it?

Re: Easier initializing of blockram (spartan3)
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You still need the init_xx= attributes , however you can put the
primitive inside a wrapper and write a set of functions to deconstruct
an integer array passed as a generic and generate the proper init_xx
attributes.  You can even handle data split across multiple BRAMs this way.

Do it with a vhdl function (I am assuming you are using VHDL, this would
be really ugly with verilog) that accepts the data array (array of
integers, passed into your wrapper as a generic), an index which
corresponds to the XX in INIT_XX, and the msb and lsb of the slice the
function is to generate.  From the widht of the field (msb:lsb) you can
infer the length of the output bit vector, as well as the address into
your integer array that holds the data. The output of the function is a
bit vector to match the generic on the BRAM primitive.  You can write a
second function to convert the bit vector to the hex string needed for
the attribute.

Re: Easier initializing of blockram (spartan3)
Doh.. I missed on the parity bits. You need to flip INITP00 lines so that
MSB (init3F(35 downto 32) appears first.. same for the other INITP0x's. Too
fast copy and paste.. :p

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