DDR2 SDRAM controller

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I am writing veerilog code for DDR2 SDRAM controller using the micron
memory module and I want to implement it on Virtex-4 FPGA.......but I
am a new comer to verilog and due to time constraints I am afraid that
i won't be able to write the complete code(complete all
modules)......so can any one provide me a synthesizable code......the
one i cud get from the xilinx web site( reference design) is not
synthesizable.....plz help

Re: DDR2 SDRAM controller
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just start Xilinx memory interface generator (MIG) click a few times and you
get synthesizeable and work code inclusive FGPA toplevel test fixture. then
assing pins in UCF and ready you are!

Antti Lukats

Re: DDR2 SDRAM controller
Antti Lukats schrieb:
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Hi Antti,

are you really using this approach click-and-you-are-done for productive
and mission critical industry DDR-II designs running at ~ 500 MBit data


Re: DDR2 SDRAM controller
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Does it matter to the original poster?

Re: DDR2 SDRAM controller
Anand schrieb:
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concerning DDR2 you will not be able to just download a bunch of
Vlog / VHDL press the button and your done. In DDR2 the IO-Level,
the way you interconnect the DDR2 device and the IO-Logic of your
DDR2 controller heavily depend on the ASIC / FPGA infrastructure
you have. So for example for Virtex-IV on the IO-Level it will
not be same 'behavioral' code as it is for Altera Cyclone / Stratix-II

- Data Capturing, Clocking etc. depend on the FPGA you use.

By the way, what did you download and what is not synthesizable.
The more info we got, the better we may be able to help ...


P.S. DDR2 and FPGA is NOT an easy task...


Re: DDR2 SDRAM controller
Thank you all for the info....now this is what I want and what I have
done.....Plz help me further

I am doing only a project titled "RTL coding of DDR2 SDRAM memory
controller" so what I want is only a verilog code which is
synthesizable. I myself tried writing some of the modules but the
problem is that I am new to verilog and there is a time constraint, so
I need some help in the coding part.

Moreover I downloaded the MIG tool V1.4 from the xilinx site.....

now I have the ISE8.1i webpack version and when I install MIG1.4 it
doesn't work (or i donno how to work with it...plz help) Can someone
tell me how to work with it...in a detailed way...I mean if I double
click the tool its not opening!!! How shud I go abt it.....can someone
plz read the code available in the link I provided( u have to download
it...itz some 24mb zip file) and tell me whether it is correct and
synthesizable...when I imported all these files directly into Mentor
Graphics FPGA Advantage tool it shows a lot of errors....what changes
shud I do...plz read the code and help me asap....thanq all a lot.

Re: DDR2 SDRAM controller

I think it is a terrible idea to start with DDR2 SDRAM controller
if you have absolutely NO idea of how to use a HDL and the
corresponding tools in a correct
First try to learn the HDL and the use of your tools.

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Re: DDR2 SDRAM controller
hello ppl....can neone plz help me out...I guess i have done some
homework regarding my tools....plz help me out guys

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