DDR2 dqs pin // virtex4

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I just bougth a card with FPGA "Virtex4 XC4VLX60 668pinBGA -11"
The board is equiped with a DDR2 SDRAM memorie.
FPGA and memory is connected with signals such as DQ[0:15], DQS[0:1],
I use Xilinx controler (MIG 1.72) in ISE 9.1.03i.

The pinout of this board is :
DDR2_DQS0 => PIN number M21 (IO_L13P_9)
DDR2_DQS0_N => PIN number M2O (IO_L13N_9)
DDR2_DQS1 => PIN number K20 (IO_L5N_9)
DDR2_DQS1_N => PIN number L19 (IO_L5P_9)

I have an error in ISE, because there is an inversion between DQS1 <->
DDR2_DQS1 should have PIN number L19 (IO_L5P_9)
(When I do this inversion in ucf file, I can route my FPGA)

Please, see below the VHDL code (MIG 1.72).

Can you help me to find a solution to modify the VHDL code, and so get round
the bug pinout of this board
Thanks lot.


The VHDL code (MIG 1.72) is :
-- Device      : Virtex-4
-- Design Name : DDR2 Direct Clocking
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Re: DDR2 dqs pin // virtex4
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I don't understand - you have an error in the ucf file, you changed the
ucf file, it fixed the problem but you want a different solution so that
you don't have the change the ucf file?

Your VHDL code directly instantiates the IOB. ISE 'knows' to which pins
the IO and IOB outputs of IOBUFDS can connect. Your VHDL connects the
DQS pins using vector notation, which is good because it is concise and
understandable. If you wanted to change the VHDL, you could instantiate
the IOBUFDS of each DQS separately. For the DQS that has the error in
the ucf, change the signal names to match the ucf. This will make an
inverted DQS output, so be sure to invert that DQS bit somewhere in the
DQS generation logic. Check the timing carefully to make sure that the
inversion doesn't cause any timing errors. Finally, put in a comment
explaining why you made this change.

I had a similar problem on a design, except that the PC board had an
error and the N FPGA output went to a P SDRAM input; the P FPGA output
went to the N SDRAM input. I inverted the signal before the IOB then
commented it carefully so that months later I wouldn't wonder why that
signal was coded differently than the rest. (It was my job to check to
PCB artwork before fab, too.)

Joe Samson
Pixel Velocity

Re: DDR2 dqs pin // virtex4
Thank you for comment.
I need to change my file.ucf to route the FPGA. So, the information is
DQS0 should have the same information as DQS1 (I use Lower and Upper byte in
But with this chnage in ucf, DQS0 = DQS1_N.

I changed IOBUFDS for only DQS1, DSQ1_N
I invert DQS1 bit in the DQS1 generation logic, but I have no result in the
board (the source code was tested
in a other DDR2 memory with success).

I don't know if the problem is a timing or other.

Could you indicate me an example (please find the code in my first mail) to
invert  DQS1 bit in the DQS1 generation logic.
Thanks lot in advance.

Best regards,

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Re: DDR2 dqs pin // virtex4
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I'm sorry that I still don't understand what you're telling me. Can you
explain why fixing the ucf file isn't the correct solution and can you
please tell me what the original ISE error was?

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Can you explain this in much more detail? What do you mean that the
source code was tested in another DDR2 memory with success?

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My VHDL is rusty, how about:
   iobuf_dqs : IOBUFDS
     port map (
       O   => dqs1_in,
       IO  => DDR_DQS1,
       IOB => DDR_DQS1_L,
       I   => not dqs1_out,
       T   => ctrl_dqs_en_r1


Re: DDR2 dqs pin // virtex4
Thank Joseph for your comment.

ISE 'knows' to which pins the IO and IOB outputs of IOBUFDS can connect.
I found the solution to not modify my ucf pinout, and not modify the logic
value of  DQS and DQS_N.
I changed the IOBUFDS, and used IOBUF and ODDR. With ISE, I can connect :

In ucf , use IOSTANDART = SSTL18_II
(not DIFF_SSTL18_DCI).

I routed this solution, and the test is OK on the board.


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