DDR in EDK 3.2sp2...

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I have a MB1000 board from Insight, I use the reference design available
"VII_MicroBlaze_DDR_Reference_Design". It works ok, but as soon as I ad an
interrupt controller (opb_intc) and make the timer go thorugh the interrupt
controller and interrupt the Microblaze I cant read anything from the
DDR-RAM!!! The timer runs fine though.....All I read from the DDR_RAM is
zeros :-(
Anyone has an idea of what is wrong? Someone has tried similar?

Best Regards

Re: DDR in EDK 3.2sp2...
Hi Terry,

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Can you post your MHS file?

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Go to the microblaze uclinux web site (see below) and download the
"mbvanilla_ddr" hardware project (under Downloads).  There you can find
a large microblaze project that has several uarts and a timer (all
driving an INTC), as well as SRAM and DDR controller.  It works out of
the box for the v2mb1000 board (constraints and everything) - you should
be able to extract what you need to get your project going.




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